A City for Lost Angels

No, I haven't stopped blogging again...! I've just been away in Los Angeles... *smiles*

Why was I in Los Angeles, you ask...? (Well, you didn't - but let's just make the presumption shall we...? Otherwise I'll never get to my news...) The band and I were off recording in a studio - making music is now my full-time job! So it will be a lot of back and forth, to and from L.A. as we play, record, and process tracks for our first professional CD... After that, we'll tour a bit, promoting our music, coast to coast... No major cities, but plenty of neighbouring minor ones (i.e. not NYC, but Jersey City) ...

Our first bout of recording went well, and we were all very impressed by the facilities... This is a *professional* recording studio, so it's of a calibre and demeanour we've never actually encountered before... We all felt a bit awkward at first, and the boys felt really under-dressed in their street clothes, but no one seemed to pay it any mind... I get the impression they see all kinds around there...

Tomorrow we head back and work begins in earnest... Then we'll only be coming back to Portland on Friday, Saturday, Sunday... Monday - Thursday we'll be in L.A., at Angel's flat there... It's a total of 14-15 hours between cities (though only 5 - 6 to cross into Cali) so it's a hell of a commute, but worth it... People keep asking us, "Why come back at all...? Why not stay in L.A. til you're finished...?" Clearly these people have never been to L.A. - it's smelly, dirty, noisy, crowded, and the crime rate is appalling... We *need* to come home just to refresh our spirits and get a break from all that is rotten about Los Angeles...

If it weren't for the music, it wouldn't even be worth being there... But for music, our music, I'll suffer the consequences of that dismal place... My music is important to me, and being able to do this as a full time career is just a little bit like heaven... It complicates things I'd rather have uncomplicated, but the possibility of success could make all those things brighter than ever.... And if we don't do well, at least I know we tried... No might-have-beens... And that too will pave the path for a better future...

So though I'm in Portland now, I'll end this with "From Los Angeles, with Love..." as the blog will be updated erratically between recording sessions... Still - stick with me... I'll have a lot to say as things progress...
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    i can't wait to
    missed you loveeeeee.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    tag loveeeeee, you're it!

    he he

  3. redsneakz Says:

    I can't wait to hear the results!!

    Congrats on making the big move into satisfaction and poverty :-)

  4. Chris Says:

    That's cool. I was only ever in a studio recording once and that was in 9th grade as part of a jazz band. It was a very interesting experience, for sure.

    Have a great weekend!
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  5. Anonymous Says:

    where are you?
    I'm back--and my laptop is working again!
    I've missed you!