21 of 43 Things

Back on the 23rd, Heather posted about having a life list... It inspired me to create one of my own, and though I haven't yet added 43 things to my list, I have reached the halfway mark with 21... And since this is a list to build on, to grow from, and create one's own reality with, I think half a list is a good start... As Heather noted in her blog, these aren't resolutions - they are what I want to see and create in my own life... These are the things that are important to me... If you want to try this too, go to 43 Things and begin your own list...

My Life List

1. take the next step in my relationship with my Beloved

2. learn to let go of the things that hurt and embrace fully the things that bring joy

3. devote myself to more of my solo music projects

4. be a better writer - both blogging and my private journalling

5. take a long distance cycling trip

6. go home to Romania one last time

7. be a better foster mom

8. have a child of my own

9. get together a 10 year financial plan

10. learn to live like today is the only day we have

11. weave more enchantments for *myself*

12. run a marathon for charity

13. record a solo album (even if I don't sell a single copy)

14. laugh at least once a day

15. teach my Beloved to dance (even if it's only slow dances)

16. learn more Mexican Spanish

17. get a kanji tattoo

18. complete my thesis and get my masters

19. hone my archery skills

20. go back to Japan - with my Beloved this time

21. Work on the band's dynamic

I'll add more to this as time goes by, but these are the first goals... Wish me luck...
2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    sounds like you have a good list going! HAPPY NEW YEAR, my friend!

  2. My Life List Says:

    This is an awesome Life List! I would love it if you became a member of www.mylifelist.org and shared some of your Life List Goals and stories!!

    We just sent out a 'Sneak Peak' of site today!!

    Bill Starr
    CEO, My Life List