And Now For Something Completely Random!

I haven't written at all this month...! I have no excuse, I've just let little offline things clutter up my time and let this slide...

Hmm, "offline"... That word brings up a conversation I was having with someone recently... It started because this person uses the terms "online" and "Real Life", as opposed to "offline", and I asked why... Their answer was, "Well, because this is real life and that's not..."

I find that attitude disturbing, although I know it's the prevailing one... But as I debated with her, what exactly is "not real" about this medium...? If you're sharing real thoughts and real ideas, how does that *not* relate to offline life...? And what about the people...? There are real people on the other side of that keyboard, and even if you never see them face to face, how are they "not real"...? They have real thoughts, ideas, feelings that they are sharing with you, and those things are real to *them*... To dismiss it all as "online stuff" strikes me as thoughtless and arrogant... You should never forget there is a real, thinking, feeling person on the other end of that wire... Just my take on it...

This post is going to be really random I think, because I have a lot of thoughts in my head right now...

Next topic: The war... This one will be breif, simply because I don't know that I have much right to weigh in on this topic, but I will, because it bugs me... Every day now, I hear about more soldiers deaths... And while the prevailing partyline is that they died for a noble cause, I don't see anything noble about it... They died, most of them, because their country shoved them in the middle of a horribly mismanaged conflict, without the equiptment, skills, or plan to deal with what they were up against... When this war is over, and History Herself weighs in, I think the verdict will fall heavily toward this being one of America's most ill considered manoeuvers since Viet Nam... And I think History won't talk about those soldiers "noble and valiant" deaths - I think it will weep over lives needlessly lost and families needlessly shattered... What amazes me most about all this, however, is why more people aren't angry about this like I am... Patriotism taken to the nth degree is no longer patriotism, it's just another form of zealotry...

Another random outburst: I almost never talk about my Beloved on this blog, and never by name - it is a part of my personal life I don't choose to share publically... But for those who knew me when I was just a fallen angel with a broken heart, I thought I might say a few words about it here... I'm still a fallen angel, I always will be, but my Beloved doesn't expect perfection from me... With him, I can be whatever I want - demon, angel, or woman... And he makes me *happy*... I've never known a love that didn't hurt, one way or another, til now... So in case you wondered, I'm really *alright* now... I don't think I ever actually said it, so I thought I might as well give you the happy ending after the storm... *smiles*

And concluding with an act of shameless theft: Charles had people asking him questions about him in his blog, so I thought I'd borrow that and give you all a chance to ask me anything you've been curious about... So if you've ever wanted to pry, here's your chance...! But I'll only answer questions as they relate to *me* - so no questions about who I like best of the bloggers I know, or things like that... I only have the right to talk about me, not anyone else...

But I'm going to do this a little differently than Charles... Your questions *must* be sent to me by e-mail... There are two reasons for this: sometimes I don't get alerts for Blogger comments, and two, if you mail it I can answer them both personally and here... So use this email link, and fire away...!
3 Responses
  1. Charley Says:

    And if you choose NOT to answer our questions? :)

  2. Angelia Rian Says:

    If it's too personal, I'll let you know, and give you another shot at asking... :) But really, unless you ask about my lovelife or sexlife directly (you could probably get away with obliquely), I'll be happy to answer... *smiles*

  3. Heather Says:

    i've missed you.
    i'm glad that things are alright.
    xoxo ♥