Things About Me

I stole this from Heather, because she stole one from me... *grin* I tried to get detailed with this one... You might learn some very interesting things about me...

Things that scare me.

Death - mine and those I love
Dying without anyone by my side
Being emotionally alone
Never finding the answers I seek
The possibility that there are no answers
Dark moonless nights with cold howling winds
Fire, the only exception being candles and well-grated fireplaces

People who make me laugh.

Chris Rock
Margaret Cho

Things I hate most.

Willfully ignorant people
Religious zealots (of any religion)
Straight people who think any other orientation is "sick" or "perverted"
People who think being wealthy makes them "better" than others
Partisan Politics
"Hooker wear" for teenage girls
Meaningless/Pointless/Senseless television programmes for children

Things I don't understand.

Man's inhumanity to his fellow man (that includes women too!)
Radical Muslims who think killing and dying is "beautiful" and "holy"
People who think doing evil to evil-doers is okay
"Good" Christians who preach hate
Racial prejudice of any kind
Families who *really* hate each other
"Friends" who put you down

Things I'm doing right now.

Answering this quiz
Drinking orange spice tea
Being lovingly mauled by a dog
And ignored by my cat
Listening to MeatLoaf and singing along (Jim Steinman is a *God*!)
Thinking of my Beloved

Things I want to do before I die.

Meet Sir Elton John (and maybe sing "Daniel" with him)
Visit Machu Picchu and dance on the mountaintop
Sail "Alexa" (my boat) to Fiji and retire there
Learn to speak Spanish
Give *all* of myself to just one person
Reconcile with my family
Reconcile with the gods

Things I can do.

Read music, sing, and play almost any instrument
Speak ten languages conversationally and seven others passably
Ballroom dance like Ginger Rogers
Read Classical Latin, Greek, and Egyptian hieroglyphics
Skilled in fencing, kickboxing, and karate, and a decent archer
Spin on a spinning wheel and weave on a loom
Love without condition, even when it's hopeless

Ways to describe my personality.
(Borrowed from my Johari Window)


Things I can't do.

Cook anything more complicated than scrambled eggs without a concise recipe
Housekeeping - I can't do it because I hate it
Get anywhere on time without tricking myself by setting my watch ahead
Use public transportation without irritation - too many people invading my personal space
Love in half-measure - what I love, I love passionately
Live in everyone else's mundane world - I refuse to see even the dullest thing without a touch of magic
Let go of the past

Things I think you should listen to.

Every kind of music you can get your hands on (with one exception - see below)
The voice of Deity in the wind, the sound of water, and the songs of beasts
The song of your heart and the whisper of your soul
The laughter and weeping of children
The rhythm of the rain and the thunder of the tempest
Every voice that speaks to you in love

Things you should never listen to.

Music that glorifies violence, abuse, and cruelty (That's not music)
Words that are the linguistic equivalent of venom and acid
The dark side of your soul in the heat of your anger
Nails on a chalkboard

Things I'd like to learn.

To read and write Japanese (I can speak it conversationally, but am mostly illiterate)
To read and write Cantonese (Same reason as above)
How to cook effortlessly and exquisitely
How to write a literary masterpiece
Learn how to play tennis better
How to say "no" to certain people
To be happy just making myself happy

Favorite foods.

Sauté Scallops with Miso Sauce
Linguine with Clams
Veal Parmigiana
Sicilian Style Cannoli
Shrimp Fried Rice with Char Siu
Bok Choy Won Ton Soup
Jeanette's Cajun Chicken Gumbo

Beverages I drink regularly.

Orange Juice
Iced and hot teas
Homemade cappuccinos
Red wine
Guinness Draught

Shows I watched as a kid.

None actually, because we had no television (by choice, not poverty)

List 10 of your faults.

1. I am not punctual - that is to say, I never get anywhere but to work on time (and to do that I get up several hours early), I almost never return phone calls the same day, and dinner is almost never on the table before 7pm...

2. I am a bad friend, correspondence wise - I write and call infrequently, I get busy with life stuff and it falls by the wayside... I don't mean to do this, but I can become easily distracted...

3. I avoid unpleasant truths - As hyper-aware as I am of much of the wickedness in the world/my life, I tend to play an avoidance/placation game with it, whereby I live as if it's not happening... This is a *very* bad thing about me... Especially since it means I don't confront/dispose of these evils...

4. I am dependant on those I love to be happy - As independent as I am in other areas of my life (and willful too!), I cannot be happy unless those I love are happy (and are happy with me)... Without my support network, I am only a shadow of what I could be, and within that network, the loss of certain individuals can be more detrimental than others...

5. I am capable of doing extreme things to make those I love happy - Even to the point of hurting myself to do it... This "people pleasing" aspect of my psyche is the one I struggle with the most...

6. I am a deep disappointment to my family - In an effort to free myself from the most pernicious "people pleasing" aspect of my life, I have abandoned all family traditions, expectations, and class status... This has caused a horrible rift in the family harmony that I am still trying to heal and may never be able to...

7. I am persnickety in the extreme - While I won't chastise others for their lack of order and neatness, I will quietly pick up everything that is where I don't think it belongs and stow it away where I feel is appropriate... This annoys the living hell out of people, especially when they can no longer find their things...

8. I can be an arrogant elitist - As ashamed as I am to admit it, there are people I don't feel are worthy of my time or company... And it is an intellectual elitism, because if I don't feel you meet my mental level, I'll be kind to you but I will not really associate more than that... If I call you friend, it is because I find you to be of high intellectual calibre... And that's both complimentary and insulting of me, I think...

9. I am too materialistic - I love pretty things, shiny things, silky things, nifty things... Basically anything that has some aesthetic or entertainment value, and I spend *way* too much money on these things... Never money I don't really have, but I'll balance my budget to do with less necessities sometimes to get a thing I don't really *need*, but want...

10. I am too fae - I intuitively "know" too many things about people I've never been told... I've seen spirits... I feel what others feel as they feel it and share too much of their joy or their grief... It makes me a creepy person to be around for many people...

4 Responses
  1. Heather Says:

    i freakin love you.
    this was great--i learned so much more :]
    i changed my blog around--i got rid of those stupid "clicky" disappear/reappear menus, and went with scroll bars. i &hearts it, now!

    xoxox ♥

  2. Chris Says:

    This has to be one of the best answered meme's I've seen this year.

    Check out my entry about Taller Ants:) I had some eye opening this weekend.

    My Blog

  3. Charles Says:

    I agree with Chris. This is the best that I have read. You seem to know more about yourself than I ever will know about me.

    How many Languages do you speak fluently?

    I hate gangster rap (too violent and meaningless). Then again there are some love songs that I hate as well.