New Bytes #3

The Afternoon Edition of News Bytes - news so strange, that your life seems normal by comparison...

Exactly What Kind Of Tourists Do They Want?
I know Budapest is fairly liberal, but this is a bit much, I think... On the other hand, if my Beloved wanted to see Budapest...... *grin*

Genghis Khan, Renaissance guy
According to these people, my ancestor created civilisation as we know it... Of course they also say the Chinese discovered America, so consider the source...

This Gives New Meaning To The Term "Under Cover Work"
You know, I think I'd seriously reconsider using police officers as role models for children after this little "moonlighting" enterprise...

Foster Mom Lets Her Kids Live The "High" Life
"I had a feeling it was something bad." And yet you didn't didn't do anything about it... Yeah, you're a *great* mom... *dripping sarcasm*

Blue Chip Porn?
How could this company believe anyone would think this site had *anything* to do with them...?

Return A Fortune, Get A Hundred Bucks
I imagine these people thought they were being *awfully* generous... Sometimes it just isn't worth being a good samaritan anymore...

Maybe It Was Just "Blind" Luck?
I have only observation on this piece - exactly how stupid *do* you have to be to do this?

Remember, In Cyberspace, Everyone Can See Your Bonehead Moves
This has to be the biggest Bush social faux pas I've seen to date... How he passed in high society so long, I'll never know...
2 Responses
  1. Chris Says:

    Now how did they know she wasn't a hooker moonlighting as a cop?

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  2. Heather Says:

    where are you? :[ i miss you.
    oxox ♥