Happy 4th of July!

It's Independance Day again, and yet another of Lucifer's Fallen's mega parties is in the works... I was up all night, building a makeshift bandstand/stage on our roof, setting up pavilions for shade and the buffet, setting up trestle tables for the buffet to *be* on, and calling all the caterers to double check their delivery times... And I still have more to do...!

I still haven't set up the lantern lights we'll have after the sun goes down, or the fireworks we'll be setting off shortly thereafter, and I'm highly doubtful we have enough chairs for everyone to sit in... I may have to ask the boys to go begging for chairs... *laughing* But at least we have enough watermelon... Last time we did this, we went through it so fast, not everyone got a piece... So *this* year, we have *50 pounds* of watermelon and I hope to be able to have enough left to sent everyone home with some...

I love this holiday, though I'm not an American... (Well, Mother is, as the boys keep reminding me, which makes me American too - but I am still a Romanian citizen and think of myself as such...) America really is one of the most patriotic countries in the world, and on the 4th, it's so infectious you can't help but feel proud to be here too... So to all Americans, here and abroad, and all expatriates celebrating with them: Happy Independance Day...! Party hard, play safe, and don't set the house on fire...! *grin* I'll let you all know how the party here went later...
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  1. Chris Says:

    I loved hearing your perspective of the 4th of July. It makes me even more grateful for living here.

    Plus, you win the prize for the absolute hottest 4th of july graphic......whew.....(he he)

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  2. Charles Says:

    50 pounds of watermelon...I only see that in grocery stores. Hope you had a fun and exciting 4th.

  3. Heather Says:

    I can't wait to hear about the party! And Happy 4th of July--well I'm late, but you know what I mean :]

    ♥ xox.

  4. The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire, we don't need no water, let the motherfucka burn!!!!

    I couldn't resist.

  5. Angelia Rian Says:

    Chris - *grins* Thank you... And thank you... ;)

    Charles - That's exactly what I did actually - special ordered it at the grocery store... :) And I did enjoy the 4th... I hope you did too... *smiles*

    Heather - *grins* Check out the latest post to hear about the party... I hope your 4th was awesome too...! :) (I *really* have to call you soon...)

    Omar - I *knew* you'd do that...! ;)