Computers, Modern Music, The Current Middle Ages, & The House Of Hesse

So after a long hiatus, I am back, refreshed, and ready to share again... *smile* Among some of the things that have been happening in the Angel's World:

I've gotten a new puter, and it *zooms*...! *laughs delightedly* It was a gift and just in time because my poor laptop is really coming to the end of it's useful life... So I spent much of my time away swapping files from machine to machine... It's still not done yet, but I'm a good portion of the way finished... Did I mention the new desktop puter has pretty blue lights...? Well it does - it reminds me of a really fast sportscar, black and silver and sleek with flashy blue running lights... *grin*

Second - I've overcome my bouts with illness, and also my "composers block" which had been keeping me from finishing the three compositions I had in the works... Now they are finished, lyrics set, and tentatively titled "It's Always Darkest (Before The Dawn)", "Blue Eyes & A Black Heart", and "Complicated"... All are written in "nouveau alternative" style, though "Blue Eyes" borrows quite a bit from 70's classic rock as well...

Third - I'm back doing SCA Fighter Practice again... So I have a number of interesting, but gratifying bruises and a good workout for my aggressions and passions... I am focusing on my archery this year because it is no where near as up to standard as it should be... But I haven't given up my sword just yet... *wink* I'm considering participating in the wars this time round if I can possibly manage it and possibly some faires as well, so I can't afford to neglect any part of my training... And besides, it's great fun beating the hell out of someone in hard blue plastic practice armour with a rattan sword - I highly recommend it... *grin* But I do need a new padded arming cap (it's become a little threadbare and thin), which I discovered rather belatedly after a blow to my helm that had my ears ringing...

Four - I am thoroughly enjoying my volunteer work at the art museum... And it's a wonderful exhibit - of Hesse Family art and artifacts... It was especially moving for me to contribute as I can count a number of 18th and 19th century Hesse as kin... If you plan to be anywhere near Portland (Or Sea-Tac, for that matter) I strongly urge you to see it... It may be the only time such a number of beautiful artifacts are on display outside of Germany... Here is a link to some of the more fascinating objects currently on display - Objects of Hesse: A Princely German Collection

But as I have appointments to make today, that's all for now... Regular posting will now commence... *grin*
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  1. Charles Says:

    Glad your back. You got a faster computer huh. I want one LOL

    you take archery lessons. Cool!

  2. Chris Says:

    I haven't kickboxed all week due to have inspired me to get back into it this week even if I am still sick.

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