What Matters Most

I'm going to wax philosophical again, so bear with me... *smiles*

I've been contemplating the last week about the emotional connections between people... These can take many aspects, of course, ranging from romantic love to an adult's love for a child and many variations between... But they all have one thing in common - these connections are integral to our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being... We cannot live without them... (Some *refuse* to live without them, tragically enough...)

But there is no tangible gain from these relationships... It is never anything you can hold in the hand and experience with the five senses... It is an acquisition that transcends the physical and the material - it is a thing that can only be felt... But in spite of this, it has an impact that touches us in a *very* physical sense... The absence of a loved one is a physical ache and weight in the chest, their presence a tangible warmth and swelling joy that makes our skin tingle... We can become deathly ill or heal ourselves just through the emotional connections we share with others... What a tremendous power for something that cannot be seen or touched... And what a mystery - that something so beautiful can only be felt, never grasped...

So many of us live life acknowledging only those things we can hold, and see, and possess... We rarely ever think about the effect those things we can't have on our lives... And if we did, we might find that it would be easier to live without material possessions than it is to live without our emotional connections to those we care for... To care, to love, to cherish, allows us to *really* breathe freely... To *live*, in a way mere survival and creature comforts can never provide... It is an aspect of human existence that overshadows all else... Even the worst physical misery is bearable with companionship... It is emotional misery that truely devastates... We can live without so many things, but never without each other...

To truely live, we must have the beauty that feeds the soul... All else is meaningless without that... And isn't that a funny thing in this world where everyone is so preoccupied with material wealth...?
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  1. Chris Says:

    Angelia, you really put together a great entry here. You caused me to pause and think, especially since I have been pushing loved ones away and retreating into my head this weekend.

    Thanks for writing this. I know you didn't write it FOR me.....but in a way you did.

  2. "Material wealth"? -- Not, I, my dear.

    For me it's, sincerity and love (heartfelt 'care'). It's my goal, and nothing less will do. Beyond that, I require little more.

    ... Hope you're doing well, Angelia.

    ~Brian @---->---



  3. Axe Says:

    I am one of those who avoid it.With good reason.

    Riddle me this:
    Isn't it better to live with no emotional bonds, than to live, wrapped in emotional barbwire?

  4. Angelia Rian Says:

    Chris - You're welcome... *gives you a big hug*

    Brian - You're one of those whom I think understands exactly what I was aiming to say in the entry... You've felt it too... I'm doing well... *smiles*

    Axe - I think I'd take the barbwire any day... Even if I'm bleeding, that's *something*... And something is far preferable to emptiness... Even pain is better than nothing at all... Besides - without pain, there is no pleasure... And no joy without sorrow...

  5. Charles Says:

    Another good entry. I believe this too, but sadly I am one of those people who are scared to let other people in. (Fear of someone hurthing me). I have had enough hurt for one lifetime. I am trying to open up now, it's a pretty hard rock climb up the mountain though.

  6. Angelia Rian Says:

    Charles - I've been there... It's a very lonely place, especially when you *want* someone in your life... The climb *is* hard, but the view from the top is *so* worth it, my friend... *soft smile*