Today is a grab-bag day, multiple topics...

First topic: Good music and memories

I stumbled over a very awesome net-radio site a few nights ago, ... It's broadcast live over the net from New York, and has an excellent selection of channels to choose from... I've spent today listening to their Best Of The 80's channel... This is where the memories part comes in...

I realise that today it's very uncool to admit that you loved *anything* about the 80's, but I am going to commit the grievous sin of saying I loved nearly everything about the 80's... I loved my big hair, my flavoured shimmer lipgloss, my jelly shoes (and bracelets), and my Walkman full of Madonna and New Wave cassettes... I loved the hot pink streaks in my hair and my Danskin Wear and legwarmers... I loved the excess, the decadence, and the materialism...

And listening to the songs of my younger days, so many memories came rushing back... The carefree days I spent with my clique powershopping, the nights spent dancing until my feet practically dropped off... We were so "awesome" and "radical" and "uber-cool" in those days... And in that world, it seemed like we'd live forever and nothing bad would ever happen... The Cold War was ending, and in our minds a "brave new world" was dawning... Everything glittered in ways that, looking back now, seem hard to imagine...

Were we hopelessly naive...? Yes, probably... But I miss that naivete... I miss that innocent hope for all good things I had then... I miss seeing the future as a landscape of unity and wonder... Today's future seems so grim compared to the idealism of the 80's... And I miss all the outrageousness of that decade... Nothing was ever too much, and you could build whatever extreme image you wanted... There was a freedom in the excess that everyone so condemns now... You could be whoever you wanted, whatever you were inside, no apologies... And if you were *really* unique, *you'd* start a trend...

So I'm nostalgic today... And as I sit here listening to Huey Lewis and The News sing about "The Power Of Love", I feel like crimping and teasing my hair, using half a can of Aqua Net hairspray, and finding my off the shoulder tops, my black lace pouf skirt, my stirrup leggings and legwarmers, and maybe even a pair of jelly shoes and having an impromptu 80's Retro Party downstairs...

Second topic: Two Things

I stole this from Heather... It was yet another opportunity to let you all peek into the "Inner Angelia"...

Two Names You Go By
1. Angelia
2. Lia

Two Parts Of Your Heritage
1. Latin
2. Magyar

Two Things That Scare You
1. Being Alone
2. Death

Two Of Your Everyday Essentials
1. My laptop
2. My pocket toothbrush

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now
1. Sushi-print pyjamas
2. Fuzzy slippers

Two Of Your Favorite Bands Or Musical Artists (At The Moment)
1. Evanescence
2. Bon Jovi

Two Of Your Favorite Songs (At The Moment)
1. "Welcome To Wherever You Are" - Bon Jovi
2. "Photograph" - Nickelback

Two Things You Want In A Relationship (Other Than Real Love)
1. Honesty
2. Laughter

Two Truths
1. I still miss Him
2. I am afraid I will never fall in love again

Two Physical Things That Appeal To You
1. Eyes
2. Smile

Two Of Your Favorite Hobbies
1. Weaving tapestries
2. Designing and sewing clothes

Two Things You Want Really Badly
1. To stop fighting with my family so much
2. A steady gig

Two Places You Want To Go On Vacation
1. Monte Carlo
2. NYC

Two Things You Want To Do Before You Die
1. Have a child of my own
2. Be a professional composer

Two Ways That You Are Stereotypically a Dude/Chick
1. I am very fashion conscious
2. I use my feminine wiles to get by sometimes

Two Ways You Act Like The Opposite Sex?
1. I am not afraid of physical confrontation
2. I kick arse at pool/billiards

Two Things You Are Thinking About Now
1. 1987
2. Making coffee

Two Stores You Shop At Often
1. Nordstrom
2. Hot Topic

Third topic: Frappr Map

Now I've had this map for awhile now, and only 5 people have signed it... Now I *know* there are more than five people who read this thing... (There might actually be ten...!) So go and sign...! For those of you who have already signed, there is a new feature over at my Frappr map - A Group Forum... So go over there, meet each other, hell invite your own friends to post there, what the hell... I made this forum for all of you to use freely as you wish... Just play nicely children... If you have any suggestions, post them in the appropriate forum, and I'll do my best to please you... (I'll even add forums on request...)

That's it for today... But check out my Xanga meme tomorrow for fresh lists... Until then, take care of you... *smile*
4 Responses
  1. Ken Says:

    gah.. I remember the 80s. Makes me cringe at times.

    I tried the group forum and realized I really effed it up. lol.. ah well..

  2. Axe Says:

    I miss the 80's on a daily basis. If we had the Net back then, it would've been the PERFECT decade!!
    I miss the naughty hard rock bands that used to piss off the PMRC...Motley, W.A.S.P., Poison, etc!! I was a real rocker with the bandanas and torn jeans...still am. I've infected my daughter, too. She makes everything in her room 80's, even though she's only 12!!
    I miss Alphaville and Nick Kershaw and all the real music back then. Back then, you had to have actual "talent" to make it in the music bizz, not wearing your pants around your knees and talking to a rhythm.

  3. Charles Says:

    I signed your frappper Map.

    We have the two things that scare you in common.

  4. Angelia Rian Says:

    Ken said...
    gah.. I remember the 80s. Makes me cringe at times.

    *laughs* I don't know why so many people have that reaction to the 80's... What's up with that...? :)

    Axe said...
    I miss the 80's on a daily basis. If we had the Net back then, it would've been the PERFECT decade!!

    I *completely* agree...! In fact, I say that all the time... :)

    Axe also said...
    Back then, you had to have actual "talent" to make it in the music bizz

    There are still a number of talented artists today, though I tend to agree with you - not as many as there used to be... And I'm not sure why the low-slung baggy pants became a fad... I would think it'd be damned hard to walk in them... ;) Anyone know first hand...?

    Charles said...
    I signed your frappper Map.
    We have the two things that scare you in common.

    Thank you for signing my map, Tall, Dark, and Friendly... :) Being alone is quite possibly the worst feeling in the world - or so I've discovered... And I fear Death like I fear no other thing... It's not the potential pain, or the unknown - I think it's the potential judgement awaiting me... Even when *I* tote it up, I find myself lacking...