Computer Woes

I hate computers... I really do... Well, no, I amend that - I *love* computers, I just hate wireless connections... For some odd reason, all this week, my connection would not work anywhere but in the bathroom... Yes, that's what I said, the bathroom... So I've been keeping my online time restricted to answering e-mail... (Mainly because it's really inconvenient for me to be sitting in the most privacy-nescessary room all day long...) But now I've gotten the cable modem fixed up again,

I've been in a sort of silent mode this week anyway... I've had a great deal on my mind, most of it complicated... And I still haven't reached any solutions... I'm also trying to come to terms with the disappointment of being brushed off by my family on my birthday... It's just all put me in a place where words fail me... I feel unwanted and unworthy... I know this isn't the case, but it's hard to shake the feeling...

But there was a bright spot, and I will aknowledge it here...

To Ken: Thank you for being such a good listener and for making me smile when the dark things overwhelmed me... I'm proud and thankful to call you my friend... All my love to you...

In other news... Well, actually, there is no other news... It's been a most uneventful week, unless you count rehearsals, gigs, and having to threaten club owners with with legal action... Which I'm fairly sure no one wants to hear about as it's really quite boring... *However*... It *is* six days til my birthday starting today... And that's worth noting even if nothing notable happens on that day... In fact, I think I will just spend that afternoon at the salon and get pretty for the boys (my bandmates) before we all go out to dinner... It's my day after all... And *I'll* please me, even if my family won't..
4 Responses
  1. Ken Says:

    Tis my honour, dear one. After all, I think I still owe you a few discussion topics...

    **leaving an upright vase of artemsia and mixed Zinnia**

  2. Angelia Rian Says:

    To Ken - *smiles* Have I told you lately how much I appreciate and adore you...? :) Thank you for always making me smile...

  3. Promise Says:

    I can honestly say I hate MY computer! The wireless thing.. well I'm not to found of it either. Nice journal! I love the layout.


  4. Angelia Rian Says:

    Promise - Be honest... You hate the weird things the puter *does*, but you love it all the same... Rather like a rotten child... ;) Wireless, however, is another matter... It exists only to thwart you and drive you insane... Wireless is *evil*...! *grin* Thank you for the compliment... I *adore* your journal's layout... :)