Okay, okay - don't kill me... I know I promised yesterday, but the sad truth is, I got roped into babysitting for Jeanette and so was unable to take my eyes off her little midgets... But now that I'm here I would like to unveil my little project:

A Flower In Full Bloom - this is the meme project I've been working on... Though it's a bit different than most memes... It consists of a random topic that you must then create a list for... Example: List all the greetings you've used to answer the telephone, List the epitaphs you might like on your tombstone, List all the things that usually go through your mind as you're falling asleep, etc. ... These lists can be as long or as short as you like... (But of course, longer makes them a more interesting read...) You can also suggest topics for me to use (and answer!) in the comments or via e-mail... Why listmaking, you ask...? Well, number one, it gives you something to write about when you have no idea what to write... Number two, lists are simpler than wracking your brain for whole paragraphs... Number three, it can provide you (and others) with some introspection into yourself, how you think, and what matters to you... And number four, making lists can be addictive and fun... *grin*

Currently, there are three lists posted... You can do one, two, all three if you like... Pick and choose as you will... Suggest some topics to me... And *comment*...! Feedback is an *awesome* thing...!
5 Responses
  1. Ken Says:

    Hmmm.. I'm going to have to link to the phone one.. heh..

    Now here are some ideas, milady:
    1) List of unessential items that are sitting on your desk at the moment.

    2) what do you think about when you see a car accident?

    3) What goes thru your mind when you are stuck watching a terrible movie?

    4) List of the worse tasting food you've ever tasted? (besides my cooking..)

  2. Angelia Rian Says:

    *smiles* Can't *wait* to hear how *you* answer the phone... *grin*

    I *love* those topics...! :) They go on my list of topics - my only problem now is, which to do first...! :)

  3. Axe Says:

    Ken, interesting q's...

  4. Axe Says:

    Angelia, what about asking all your "commentors" to listen to the same song and ask them where it takes them?
    It'll be cool to see how the same composition creates different worlds.

  5. Angelia Rian Says:

    Axe - you know what...? You may have something there... *smiles* Music is the way I express myself most fully, and it would be interesting to combine that with my memes... I'll ponder how to integrate it, and let you know what I come up with... :)