I've been silent this week... I'm sorry about that... I've been dealing with insanity on two fronts - one from the IRS, the other from my family... The first is not so dire if we can find all our damned receipts to put in our considerable deductables... The second is harder to deal with...

My family consistantly disappoints me in so many ways... But this is really quite the last straw... My birthday is coming up and none of them have any time for me... They'd rather give their time to strangers and their friends than to a daughter of their own house... I wish I could just say "fuck 'em", but I can't... It hurts... It hurts alot...

So forgive my silence this last week... Looking back now, I should have just spent my time writing entries here... It would have been time better spent... The time I spent fighting with family was *completely* a waste... And our disorganisation on the tax front was just depressing... But we have a little time to get *that* in order...

Look for a more upbeat post tomorrow... I feel a little philosophical...
5 Responses
  1. Charles Says:

    Looking forward to it. I feel like my parents let me down, but then I remembered everything my mom has done for me.

  2. Ken Says:

    aww.. have missed your darling self, dear one.

    So what would you like for your birthday, hm?

  3. Axe Says:

    When's your birthday, Babe?

    Don't even start about parents. I'm less graceful when it comes to mine, guilt or no guilt.

    So glad to see you are back!

  4. Angelia Rian Says:

    Charles - I wish I could say the same about my family, but for the most part, we are very nearly strangers to each other...

    Ken - *smiles* I'll settle for birthday cards... At least that way I know people remembered... :)

    Axe - January 26th... :) I wish I could be less graceful with mine, but it was bred into me to treat even the worst people graciously... (No matter what I might do to them after the fact... *evil smile*) It's good to be back...! :)

  5. Damn, I've been worried about you, Angelia. I was just about to write a 'missing friend' message through our Journals Anti-Advertising Group, when I thought; check your hundreds of e-mails that come in daily. Then, I remembered your 'leaving AOL' message.

    I got sidetracked and forgot about it. I guess I was so used to seeing you online, and an occasional post at your Xanga ... Even though I didn't participate in your last two 'list' entries.

    And, what about that phone call --huh, huh?

    ... I'll just blame it all on you. You made me forget. [:P] At least, I'm very relieved to read that you're still among the living.

    If I missed your special day, please accept my belated happy birthday wishes. You're getting SO old, SO fast, honey. Don't you think that we should tie-the-knot, before you croak and become a fossil? [:D]

    Sorry to read about your indifferent family. I'll be the first to write; family can be your worst enemy, and friends can be your best family. -- As someone who is 'totally' alone, I've long ago learned, life's precious, but fragile, and there are no guarantees. I don't cling to anything, too tightly, and appreciate the smallest of life's genuine blessings, received, and coming. I also embrace the bad, for without it, I'd never know the good. It too, is an essential good-thing, in it's own right.

    Ever think of stopping-in once in a while (unlike me, who's here). [;)] Just yanking your adorable chain, my dear.

    Here's some pics', that I took around town yesterday. Check them out if you like ...


    ~Love and miss you sweetie, in my own heartfelt way.

    ~Brian @---->---

    PS: I'm so into, Madonna.