The Darkside Survey

So - Omz has finished posting his "best of" for The Darkside Survey... I seriously suggest . . . no, I *insist* you go check it out... (And you wouldn't want to make Darth Lia *angry* would you...? Go...! Kneel before the Dark Lord...!)

But if anyone was curious what my complete answers to this survey were, here they are:

Aren't I a generous Lady to my minions...? (There's only *one* correct answer to this question)


1. What's your name? Angelia Rian, but I prefer Darth Lia, or Lady Lia (if you're willing to kiss my boots) *evil grin*

2. What's your age? 33 glorious years has the universe been blessed with my presence, and I plan on living forever...

3. What's your sign? "Dangerous Curves Ahead"

4. Have you ever been to the zoo? Yes, but I prefer to think of everyone as my own personal zoo... (People watching is fun!)

5. Do you like to touch monkeys? This question is just *wrong*...

6. Do you love to grind meat? Do you like to take meat and grind it until it melts in perfected bliss? No, but I might be interested in grinding bones to make my bread...

7. Have you ever had spotted dick? The dessert...? Yes... And I don't touch men with spotted dick, 'cause that's just *nasty*... ;)

8. Can you tie a cherry stem into a knot? If so, why? It's a freakin' cherry stem. Yes, I can... With only my tongue and my teeth... As to why - it's just one of my mad skillz... Fear me...!

9. What's the cheesiest line you've ever used to pick up someone? Moi? Use a cheesy pick up line...? Surely you jest...

10. When you are told to come, do you come immediately, or is it too hard? Of course I do... And it's *never* too hard... *dark smile*

11. Do you like to ride the pony? Is it a pretty pony? It's a stallion, baby... I don't *do* ponies...

12. What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear names like Peter, Willy, Johnson, or Tallywacker? Prince Charles... *evil smile*

13. If you had to name a body part, what would you name it? Hortense

14. Would you touch me in the morning, then just walk away? If I touched you in the morning, *no one* would be walking anywhere for several hours... At least...

15. When people ask you questions, do you ever have the feeling that you take them the wrong way? Of course not... I know everything, and I am always right... If you don't think so, that just proves my point... ;)

16. Have you ever been so firthy that you dented a buck? What kind of sick demented bastard thought up this question...? *shudders in disgust*

For anyone who might think: "OMG...! What happened to sweet, demure Lia...?" I have this pithy response: "This is a *Darkside* Survey... What the hell else did you expect...?" *dark smile*

2 Responses
  1. Ken Says:

    Ok, I'll be the first to admit it. WTF is "firthy?!" lol

  2. Angelia Rian Says:

    A reference to the most *odious* and insidious Colin Firth, who is truely a cinematic plague... ;) (Sorry, Kathleen!)