News Bytes #2

Time again for more News Bytes - all the news that's fit to print, but you wonder why it happened in the first place... *grin*

Isn't This The Same Thing?
I sympathise with the Russian police in this one... I usually can't tell the difference, either...

Avoid Cancer, Become A Fat Alcoholic
This comes to you straight from my own state of Oregon, and it's been the talk of every guy I know... The concensus seems to be it's better to die from a heart attack while drunk than to need prostate surgery... Put in those terms, I think I might even agree...

Office "High"-Jinks
Except for the part about the vomit, I think this might make work *a lot* more interesting...

Streaking Can Be Hazardous To Your Health
If she doesn't marry him after this, I think he should sue... Her, that is...

On The Other Hand, Streaking Can Bring The Big Bucks Too
I understand completely why her Ex is so brassed off, but he should know better than to buy a girl like that gifts that are non-refundable...

A Harmless Pet, But A Damned Creepy Owner
Any guy that calls pet sheep "babe magnets" raises so many red flags it's not funny... Just what kind of "Buddy's" were they anyway...?

The Day The Music Died
As one familiar with this particular form of self-expression, I can definatively say there's no way your average patron is doing this sober or without other "incentives"... They might as well have outlawed it...

The Irony Abounds
First, I want the name of this hospital - so I *never* end up there - 3 days and they don't notice the breakdown...? I'd hate to be on life support... Second, the fact that he could have saved himself if he hadn't been the one stuck is more irony than this story really needed...

The Worst Job In The World
You couldn't pay me enough to drive one of those things...

In The Eye Of The Beholder
Now I know that art is subjective to the viewer - but gimme a break...!
4 Responses
  1. Charles Says:

    I thought the worst job in the world was sniffing underarms.

    You should have seen that picture. LOL

  2. Heather Says:

    BWAHAHA! These are great, Angelia!

  3. Angelia Rian Says:

    Charles - Ewwww...! Sniffing underarms...!? I'm kind of glad I *didn't* see the picture...! ;)

    Heather - I'm glad you liked them, sweetie... I do *try* to entertain... :)