Today is my 34th birthday... But nothing has happened because it's only three hours into it... *laughs* My bandmates have decided to surprise me with *something*, but they won't tell me what... I am both anticipating and dreading what they might have planned, because they can come up with some crazy ideas...

But before *that* happens, I'm off to the spa as soon as it opens and then to the salon... Because wherever we end up, I'm going to look *good* damnit...! *grins*

Watch this space - I will update it with what happened as soon as I can... *smiles*

Update - January 27th, 12:30am

Tonight was a lovely night... And I worried about nothing, as it turned out, because the boys went highbrow on me - something I definately *didn't* expect... Let me set the scene for you:

(Angelia buzzes the boys in the front door and gathers her purse as she waits for the boys to come upstairs... She drops her purse in shock when she sees them)

Angelia: "You look ... amazing...! And you're wearing suits...!? What the hell...? Where are we going...?" *realising her outfit is now *way* too casual for whatever it is*

The Boys (in chorus): "Surprise...!"

Jairen: "We're going to a wine tasting, because we know how you like that fancy schmancy stuff..."

Denny: "And we're going to be cool, we promise...."

Angel: "Actually, I *made* them promise... On pain of death..."

(Angelia decides to hurry back to her closet and find her black velvet cocktail dress...)

Yes, that's right - they showed up in suits, with shaved faces and they had actually gone to a *salon* to do something about their crazy long hair... Which actually ended up looking better than most of the women's hair there... They really looked and behaved like gentlemen... Which made me the envy of a number of women there - who were giving me looks like I was breaking a major rule by having three handsome gentlemen with me... *grin*

I got the boys to actually enjoy some wine, and they wouldn't let me use my own money when I wanted to buy some... It was all on their tab, they insisted... So I went along... (Hey, who am I to argue with free wine, right...?) And I got to show them a little bit of the high life I came from... I've never been able to share that with them before, so that made this a really wonderful night - that they wanted to share that part of my interests... Sometimes they amaze me with their thoughtfulness...

It wasn't a long night, but that was okay, because I got to spend some time with a dear friend... I told him about my night, he told me of his day inside the rat race and I did my best to share some of my happiness with him... I think I succeeded... Even though he *did* fall asleep on me in the middle of our conversation, which was incredibly cute... *smiles* He's been having terribly busy days at work and I think he's been having trouble getting his "full eight hours"... But in spite of the crazy rush, I think he's doing better these days than he has in a long time... And it's delightful to see, even if he falls asleep on me... *smiles*

So now it's a new day, and I'm considering going to sleep myself... But I think I'll stay up just a little while and revel in the wonderfulness of yesterday, while the timelessness of the night still stands... Before the sun rises and carries it away to that trove of moments we call the past... Today was so good I just want to linger in it for as long as I can...

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  1. StarfuryZeta Says:

    Happy Birthday.

  2. Charles Says:

    Happy Birthday Angelia! Hope it's a fun one.

    I'm trying stop June's Approach LOL.

  3. Ken Says:

    Happy birthday! Dont do anything I wouldnt do.. hmm.. that doesnt leave much does it? heh..

  4. Heather Says:

    AWWW! Dammit! I missed it!
    Happy Birthday Love! It sounds like it was fabulous! I'm just now getting *into* wine! I'm interested in knowing what you tasted, darling!

  5. Angelia Rian Says:

    Fury - Thank you...! I enjoyed it :)

    Charles - It was fun, as you can see... I know how you can avoid June, too - just pretend this year didn't have one... ;)

    Ken - If I followed that advice, that would mean there would be nothing I couldn't do... ;)

    Heather - *laughs* So did almost everyone else, so don't feel bad... :) It *was* fabulous... And I was *so* impressed with the boys... *smiles*

    I tasted quite a few, but my absolute favs were Ashland Vineyards Merlot, Namaste Vineyards Serenity Chardonnay, Territorial Vineyards Rosé of Pinot Noir, and Pheasant Valley Winery's Pear Wine... I highly recommend all of them... :)

  6. Chris Says:

    First: Happy Birthday

    Second: Awwwwwwww that is TOO damn sweet.

    Third: I love Courtney Love (your pic on this entry) or at least her musical angst even if she is a freak!

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  7. Angelia Rian Says:

    Chris - Courtney Love may be crazier than a bat in a belfry, but her musical talent is undeniable...! I love her too... :)

    And thank you for the happy birthday... :)

  8. Axe Says:

    Very Happy belated Birthday, Angelia!!
    My Internet was off for what felt like an eternity!! Sorry!!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Still another belayed Happy Birthday.