The Thanksgiving Feast

The Menu:

Appetizers - Antipasto (black olives, artichoke hearts, tuscan peppers, cherry tomatoes, celery hearts, genoa salami, prosciutto, pepperoni, mortadella, anchovy fillets, provolone, mozzarella; served with red wine vinegar and virgin olive oil)
Romanian Cabbage Rolls
Mongolian Spiced Beef
Paprika Chicken Wings
Italian Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes (mortadella and breadcrumbs w/alfredo sauce)
Cinnamon Baked Apple slices

Soup - Cold Cress and Cucumber
Hot Pastina and Rice

Salad - Caesar (with homemade dressing)

Entrees - Turkey (with garlic paprika stuffing)
Mongolian Stir Fry

Sides - Honeyed Yams
Scalloped Garlic and Cheese Potatoes
Green Beans with fennel dressing
Grilled Aubergine in butter sauce
Damson dressing
Bok Choy and Rice
Hot Italian Sausage
Romanian Blood Sausage

Breads - Romanian Black Rye
Romanian Blood Bread
Italian Bread
French Bread
Ciriola Rolls

Desserts - Tiramisu
Poached Pears in Vanilla Syrup (served with creme fraiche and chocolate sauce)

Drinks - Newcastle Ale
Haut Brion Red Bordeaux (2000)
Brocard Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos (1997)
Cristal (1999)
Fresca (Citrus, and Black Cherry Citrus)

The Party:

Gods, where to begin...? Well, to start with, I had 42 people over... Yes, *42*... And enough food to feed an army, much of which I made myself... The rest happened with some help from Jeanette and Amy (Denny's girl)... We were cooking for a couple of days just to make sure we had enough for everyone...

Most of the guests were friends of mine, and friends of friends - but I also had three relatives visit - my Uncle Vasili, my cousin Khongi, and her Uncle Yang... Uncle Yang is perhaps the worst guest *ever*... He has no manners to speak of, picks his teeth with his fork (and sometimes other people's forks), belches loudly, and wipes his face and hands on the tablecloth... We are not exactly sure *why* he does these things, except perhaps that now he feels he's old enough to get away with it...

But with the exception of Uncle Yang (whom we had to watch like hawks), things went off without much of a hitch... Everyone had a delightful time, and much wonderful conversation was had by all... I think I might have been instrumental in engineering a couple of romantic hook-ups as well, which was so very awesome... The only downer was when Jeanette dropped a dish of poached pears, so not everyone got a taste of those... *sigh*

Out of 42 people, 19 stayed overnight because getting home required them to drive and I confiscated all their keys as a good hostess should... So we had a mini slumber party afterwards, with sleeping bags, comforters, and air mattresses all over the floor... We stayed up late into the night, talking, drinking, and playing Yahtzee - until one by one everyone dropped off to sleep... Eventually, the only ones left standing were Jeanette, Denny, and me... And we topped off the night by drinking at least five cups of coffee each and finishing off the last of the tiramisu... I woke up later to find I'd ended up sleeping on the couch using Denny's lap as a pillow...

But all in all, this was the best Thanksgiving Feast I've had so far... I made three new friends as well, all of whom are invited to the Xmas Feast... Thank the gods I've got a couple of weeks break between then and now - I don't think I could pull this all off again right away... *grin*
4 Responses
  1. Charley Says:

    That's fantastic, Angelia! I wish I were there. We had your Puritan thanksgiving here in the 'Burg ;)

  2. Angelia Rian Says:

    Tell you what, Charley - you have a standing invitation whenever you choose to take it... :)

  3. sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving! I just finally snagged your link and I KNOW I am still missing people.
    Will you adopt me for next Thanksgiving?

  4. Angelia Rian Says:

    Judi, Judi, Judi *grin* - *Of course* I will adopt you... :) But you have to promise to bring Virginia, too... You're kind of a "set", y'know... ;) In fact, bring anyone you like - I haven't reached 100 guests at once yet and I'd like to know how I'd handle it... *grin*