The Saturday Six - Episode 297

1. Have the Christmas trees you or your closest relatives have put up more often been real or artificial?

Real, for most of my life anyway... The only time *I* have ever put up an artificial tree was when I found that *lovely* 2 foot fibre-optic tree - and even then, that was in addition to the larger natural tree... (I couldn't help it, honest... the fibre-optic trees with their scintillating colours just astound me...)

2. How do you prefer Christmas decorations on a tree to look: more uniform within a certain color scheme or design or with a lot of variance?

I've done both... I've done themed trees with peach and ivory gauze ribbons, venetian blown glass peaches and milky opalescent orbs for ornaments, with orange and white lights... I've done the traditional tree with any and every ornament that takes our fancy... I can't say which I prefer... There's an element of fun getting specific things for a themed tree, but it's just as exciting to open up boxes full of old holiday decorations and finding dear old treasures you cherish...

3. Christmas ornaments as a Christmas gift: good idea or bad?

My personal take on this is - Bad... You never do know what a person's tastes run to in ornaments, and there's nothing worst than giving a gift that is regulated to the bottom of the box unless you (the gift-giver) visit for the holidays... The second reason I think it is bad, is that quite often, these ornaments are *not* personal... The giver has several dozen of them made up and passes them out like after dinner mints... Maybe this is a good gift for your boss or co-workers to whom you aren't close, but for anyone you call friend - well this just says, "I couldn't be bothered this year to think of anything *you* would like, so here, have a default present..."

4. Take the quiz: The Christmas Tree Test

You Are Warmly Compassionate

During the holidays, you take time out for yourself and the people that you love the most.

You try not to get caught up in the hustle and bustle. You prefer to stay inside your warm home as much as possible.

You believe that the holidays are all about the little things. Being and reconnecting with those closest to you.

People are important to you, not gifts. Love is the best gift in the world.

5. What’s the most unusual Christmas tree you remember from your childhood?

Our "cactus tree" in Arizona... Lacking any naturally growing fir trees, and the trees in the lots which looked half dead, we decorated a large potted cactus... We strung lights on it (carefully!) and hung small ornaments from the needles... In the end, it looked quite festive, if a little odd...

6. What’s your worst Christmas tree experience?

About 5 years ago, when we bought a tree, brought it home, got it decorated, and then it snapped in half - it had had wood rot at the core... Thankfully, we were able to get a replacement tree, but the ornaments that broke in the fall were lost forever...