A Facelift & The Saturday Six - Episode 296

Yes... I've given the blog an overhaul... *shock!* *heart attack!* *dies!* Yes indeed, I've returned to my blog... And for once, no dire emotions prompted it... I'm just tired of keeping my thoughts to myself... So, if I have *any* readership left - here's a fresh look, a fresh start, and a fresh Angelia... (Well, actually I'm *always* fresh, in every sense of that word, but that's beside the point...) To anyone new: please enjoy... I'm going to give a try at keeping up with the blog again on a regular basis, so there will be more to come (hopefully)...

I'll start the fresh start with the Saturday Six, because I'm shot for ideas atm... But it'll give you a peek inside my head anyway...

1. Who was the last person you had an in-depth conversation with?

Strange as it might sound, a teen psychological counsellor... Some of you may be aware of my penchant for picking up homeless waifs and trying to get them into better circumstances - well, I did that with a lovely 14 y/o named Kylie recently, and it's her counsellor I had the deep convo with...

2. Would you prefer to talk to this person face to face, by phone, or by internet chat?

There is really no other way to talk to such professionals *except* face to face... Distance dialog tends to limit the helpfulness of said dialog... In this case, it would have been difficult to plan out a course of action on Kylie's behalf if we couldn't have gotten into it with all the interaction that vis-a-vis provides...

3. In a group setting, are you happier listening to a conversation or leading it?

Among my friends, I tend to listen more than lead conversations... I know that sounds strange coming from someone as wordy as myself, but it's true... There are a few reasons for this - for one, I am not very chatty in spite of my immense writing... I can put my thoughts together better when I have a page (virtual or otherwise) in front of me... It helps me to organise what I *really* want to say... The second reason for my listening rather than speaking is my accent... Even among those who are *used* to it, I still get, "Say what?" from people... So listening is just easier than repeating myself several times... The third and final reason is simple - I learn more by listening... Not just about what is being discussed, but about the people involved in the conversation... And to me, that's more valuable than anything I might have to say, usually...

4. How often would you say that listening to other people’s opinions in a conversation actually changes your own?

I would say at least some of the time it does... But I generally have some pretty well-formed opinions of my own... And if I hold to an idea, it is very difficult to change my mind... You'll have to have some fairly impressive facts behind *your* opinion for me to be swayed... I *never* come to an opinion on something until I feel I have all the facts - and that's why it's so difficult to influence me... On the other hand, if I don't have all the facts yet, I'm willing to entertain any number ideas to help me form my own considered opinion... So it's not as if I'm a mule... *winks*

5. Take the quiz: Do You Talk Too Much?

And here are my results - pretty much as I expected they would be... *grin* (Not sure about that "brilliant conversationalist" bit though...)

You Don't Talk Too Much

You have mastered the art of conversation. You understand that listening is as important as talking.

Like anyone else, you think that the things you have to say are important and interesting. You just know that not everyone is interested in hearing them.

You wait your turn, speak your piece, and quickly turn the conversation back to your partner.

You may choose your words carefully, but people consider you to be more of a brilliant conversationalist than some chatty know-it-all!

6. Have you ever had a telephone conversation in which you or the other party actually asked to hang up first?

This is a strange question... I'm not sure I understand it.... Doesn't the conversation eventually end up with *someone* saying they have to go...? Or is it asking if I've ever literally asked to hang up...? If that's the case, then the only times I can recall are when I'm too tired and need to get a little sleep...

And that's my Saturday Six... Want to do your own Saturday Six...? Then hop on down to Patrick's Place...! And stay tuned here for the Sunday Seven tomorrow...!
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