Tune In Next Week...

I know I promised a new post some time ago - but fate yet conspires against me... I will be gone away until Thurs. 11th May to attend the funeral of my Mother's fiancee... I also have news to write about the band and that state of affairs, but it shall have to wait... I'd also like to talk a bit about my new job then, too... So go about your business and meet me on the 11th (here, of course) where I'll pour for you some virtual tea and serve virtual munchies and catch you up... After that, there will be some News Bytes, and one of my "famous" musings posted... See you all when I get back...
5 Responses
  1. Charles Says:

    See ya on May 11th. Take care!

  2. Charley Says:

    Travel safely, dear one. Know that you leave and take with you the same love you share with us.

    We must talk more upon your return. If there is room within your circle, and you feel so enamored, perhaps a particular time would be beneficial, or we could dance our dance with cellular songs. Your decision on all counts.


  3. Heather Says:

    I'm sorry to hear of your mom's loss. I will be thinking of you. Hurry back hon! xox.

  4. Axe Says:

    My condolences to your mom, Angelia.

    I'll check back here on the 11th and gurrll, it better be good! ;-)

  5. Angelia Rian Says:

    Thank you all for the kind thoughts, and I've forwarded your condolences to Mother, who was most appreciative... As I am...

    (Charley - I'll be hanging about online tomorrow night and the night after if you care to chat...)