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So I came across a few new articles that I wanted to share... They were either: 1. Interesting enough to make me do a double take or 2. made me laugh because the world is sometimes pretty funny or 3. both... So here they are, and what I wanted to share about them...

Go To Bed Married, Wake Up Divorced
This is precisely why Islam is only a major religion in Third World countries... (*gasp* Yes, I said that... I'm not taking it back...) No where else in the world can you execute something as complex as divorce just by *saying* "I divorce you" x3... And when you can accidentally "divorce" someone in your *sleep* - well, I don't have to say that that sure says a lot about your religion and culture, do I...?

Daddy Didn't Trust Banks - Looks Like He Might Have Been Right
This one is heartwarming... Not only because someone who lost *everything* got a major windfall right when she needed it, but because it proves there are still honest people in the world who *won't* take advantage of disaster victims...

Where Rejected Greeting Cards Go To Die
This is just one of those "interesting trivia" pieces that crop up from time to time in the news... But I have to admit, I *really* got a chuckle out of the Afghan and the Coma ones... I'd buy them... But then again, bad, offensive taste really tickles my funnybone...

The Gator Who Came To Call
I have only one thing to say about this one: I think Kirby Vacuum should hire them... No one would dare say no... (Or maybe all they'd do is scream... Either way, it'd be brilliant...)

This may be a regular new feature here in my blog, if I can - A. Find enough stories I think are interesting enough to comment on... and B. have the ambition to do it regularly... But as ambition is often hand in hand with encouragement, let me know what you thought of this entry... If I get enough response, I'll be keener on making posts of this sort... (But if it bores the hell out of you, let me know too... *grin*)

Also, check out my Johari Window from my previous post... (I have noticed that once a new post goes up, my previous ones tend to fall by the wayside - but I'm really interested in making a project of this, so you may hear about it for awhile until I get you all to participate... I can be tenacious that way... *grin* Besides, it only takes a second and it's completely painless... I promise...)
5 Responses
  1. Charley Says:

    Well, you know me - I'm a news whore. The more you can show me and the share, the better off i am! AND I did your Johair window ;).

    And no fair telling us that you're tenacious - now your jahari is tainted :)


  2. Kell Says:

    I did your Johari Window! I want you to know I chose complex, and not in a bad way. That was the first word I chose because you are someone who has many different sides to her, so much to share, and you are very intriguing. So that was my definition of complex. I think it's perfect, and I mean it in the utmost of compliments!


  3. Heather Says:

    I love these. I was cracking up. Hell, we could use that "divorce" thing over here---But only for those who truly need it ;)
    ♥ xo.

  4. Chris Says:

    Perhaps he (Ally Gator) was selling suitcases and shoes door to door?

    ha ha:x

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  5. Charles Says:

    chris is a trip.

    That article was a trip. Thanx for the chuckle.